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Posting on the internet is leaving your virtual footprint, and it can always be traced back to it’s owner! Remember that everything you do online has to follow the school district’s acceptable use policy as well as the following guidelines.
Do not use your last name.
Don’t be specific when writing about yourself. EX: Say: “I play basketball with a local team” rather than “I play for the South High Colts”.
Never give anyone your address, email address or phone number.
Do not post photos of others without their permission.

Don’t say anything that might be offensive to someone else.
Be considerate of others.
Be open to other people’s opinions, but be prepared to discuss your own position if you don’t agree.
Stay on topic. Don’t add spam, chain messages, or hoaxes in the comments.
Do not type in all CAPS

You know about good grammar, spelling and punctuation. Apply those skills when blogging. ALWAYS proof read.
You are sharing your thoughts with the world. Present yourself in the best possible light.


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  1. now days it is not sure enter on internet because you know that others will steal your information or they can know about all your life.

    you can’t relax when you enter on internet because you scared to know what other people can do with you on internet.

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