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This morning over coffee I was talking with students about schedules, pros and cons of taking AP classes and lo and behold in my inbox this great article .

25 Things Every Young Professional Should Know by Age 25

There are many benefits to the classes we all take in school. Knowledge is indeed power and it enriches our lives, but as you will find it’s good ol common sense, courtesy, and practical knowledge that gets you through life.  Of the 25 on this list here are my favorite words to live by:

#25 I STILL struggle with this one. I do not know why, but to this day always have to spell check it. Since it’s on the list makes me feel better that it must be a tough one for more people than me.

#21 Yes! Constructive criticism is meant to help, not hurt. Take it and use it.

#19 Double, triple Yes! When someone takes the time to give of THEIR time, show a little respect. Pay attention. Save multi-tasking for your time alone.

#14 Always find time for things that you enjoy like hobbies and interests. It makes life a lot more fun.

#13 The Thank You note has sadly become a lost art. My mother got me writing thank you notes as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil in my hand.  Thank you notes take so little time, but mean a lot to the recipient. Especially when it comes to receiving gifts, a thank you note not only acknowledges receipt of the gift, but shows appreciation. I can not over stress the value of a thank you note. Also, send one after you have JOB INTERVIEWS…. BELIEVE ME, you will stand out as a star among other applicants if you follow up your interview with a thank you note. Highly memorable.

#12 Always. Period. always ask. Worst they can say is no., but the up side, more money!

#9 True.

#2 Doing nothing and watching life pass you by has a guaranteed outcome. Take risks, try new things. Be a life-learner. It makes the journey more fun.


  1. This is a cute little list and you would think the majority of this would be common sense but its surprsing that people actually have to be reminded of these things.

  2. Thank you for sharing! This was rather useful for me because I have been wondering if there was anything that I needed to know before I got a job and so on, and this answered quite a few of my questions. And as soon as I read the first little into paragraph saying that computer programming was needed, it really brightened my day because that is what I wanted to go into, so that was really cool.

  3. scottycreator

    May 12, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    These are some great things to value in life. The thank you note really stood out to me because even though I personally thank everyone who does things for me, a written response can show how much you really care.

    I always think finding what you’re interested in and doing hobbies makes life all the better. For me, I find joy in things like movies (watching and creating them), games, music, and TV. Most of these things help me escape from reality and allow me to be in my own world.

    #4 “Under-promise. Over-deliver.” #truth!

  4. So I think this is great article although I do not agree with the Kirk Mcdonald guy. I believe college grads are some of the brightest minds fresh out of college and should be able to express their ideas after college. Since the material that was needed to know is fresh in their minds.

  5. I agree with no # 2 nothing has certain outcome in life .you try and but won’t always get the same out come

  6. Although I’m not 25 most of these things know already, but the following

    24. Read an apartment lease before you sign. ALL of it.
    -I had recently been looking at apartments and the first thing my dad told me was to make sure to read all of the lease just so I know what I’m getting myself into and to know for a fact what I was signing.

    21. Everyone likes to receive praise, but the smartest young adults actively seek constructive criticism.
    – When I went for my interview at Kroger one of my interview questions was “do you need praise in the work area?” I said “It’s nice to be shown appreciation when doing a good job on something but when it comes to praise.

    17. Understand the pay-stub that accompanies your paycheck.

    13. You’re never too busy to write a thank-you note.
    – I wrote a thank you note to the 2 managers who interviewed me and to a few teacher who helped me through school.

    6. Treat interns with respect. They’ll provide you with management training and ease your workload.
    – Just because someone is new does not mean they don’t know more or can’t offer any advice or assistance.

    4. Under-promise. Over-deliver.
    -promise the bare minimum and give them all you got. leave a mark wherever you go and make sure they remember you are.

  7. Good list… I think they all can help anyone who reads it.

  8. When looking at this list, admittedly, my first thought was that it was a bit of a joke. When it comes to things like this, I tend to not trust lists like these, because they’re generally directed to a specific part of the population.

    Me, I’m more worried about graduating and getting into college, about figuring out my life before I start to worry what I’m doing at 25. I’m only sixteen, and I think I should focus on the times coming up rather than plan so far ahead into the future.

  9. danielsanelliott91

    May 13, 2016 at 8:53 am

    #21 I agree with! It’s just I think that constructive criticism is something that a lot of people can’t handle. I mean so many people can’t take what I call GOOD criticism. It’s really sad that some people get really offended when someone is trying to give them GOOD criticism.
    #14 I LOVE you should always find time to do something that you enjoy! Even if you are really busy you should always make a little time to do some of you’re favrotie hobbies.
    #2 Is the ONE that I like a lot! Such great words of wisdom. You can’t just let life pass without taking some risks. Life is all about begin a risk taker. So many people don’t try anything NEW because they are scared to fail. I’m here to say it’s alright to fail! Life is one BIG journey and you can make it start today!

  10. 20. even as someone under 25 and as a teen you need to make your own schedule based on everything in you r life especially if they have a job

  11. joshzerothree

    May 13, 2016 at 12:34 pm

    #25- I struggle with that one all the time I even sometimes have caught myself spelling it “defiantly.”

    #16- Totally disagree, some people on Vine make videos and then become viral “OVERNIGHT” so that one I cannot agree with you on that one.

    #13- A very valuable lesson to always to be grateful and remember they did not have to do whatever they did for you.

    #9- You’ve got to because at the end of the day, the fast food money all adds up to be honest

    #4- Literally the key to success, without a doubt!

    This was an overall great important list and I agree with majority of them, but maybe just that one we didn’t see eye to eye on. But everyone should read this list

  12. Well this list is very helpful to me such as number 9 because i will be honest with you i do go out to eat a lot and i should start to bring my own food or make it. I really love number 24 on this article because a lot of people have told me to look really close and re-read every contract you sign.

  13. Great list and keep up the work

  14. This is a great list, and will help so many people, thank you for sharing

  15. The list overall is a great one, everyone always has a moment in life where they just sit back and think about life and what to do next. The answer may not always be found but the real important thing is trying to find that answer.

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