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Post Election Podcast

Election 2016 has been one for the history books indeed. In the news business it has been what we call a water cooler Topic, meaning something people stand around the water cooler in the break room and talk and debate about.

It has been very interesting as an adult to see the immense amount of interest among teenagers throughout the entire election. The day after the election was no different.

My PM media arts students created this Podcast to discuss their feelings after Donald Trump was elected as our next POTUS.


  1. There really has been a lot of interest among teenagers this year with the election, myself included. But I find it really reassuring for a multitude of reasons. Mainly because I feel like since we have taken up an early interest, more of us will be more likely to participate in it when we are able. That being said, I think a lot of us are interested now because, first off, we were presented with extremes from both parties so it was easier than usual to have a passionate opinion in one way or another. And second off, it has been more apparent than ever, for me at least, that these are real issues that effect me and so I want to know what’s going on.

  2. Donovan Richardson

    November 18, 2016 at 8:52 am

    Honestly I fear for my life with what had happened with this election. The gigantic upset with Donald beckoning president instead of Hillary Clinton is bad in its own right. I believe that the simple fact that she was a woman tipped the scales in Donald’s favor. And secondly I don’t think that Donald will know what he’s doing once he is in office. All the memes about him having to look up what a president does is sorely true and the future of America is going to suffer for it. A business man with no back round in politics shouldn’t be allowed to become president.

  3. With this election it was a matter of whether or not you support a racist a**hole or a murderer with the FBI under her thumb. While yes Trump isn’t as qualified as Hillary, other world leaders are already willing to open up alliances with him. And the bragging about sexually assaulting women and racism thing is debatable. Meanwhile, Hillary over here is having people killed and letting innocent people die, trying to hide the fact that she leaked government information, flip flops her views more often than Trump says “Wrong” and is quoted on calling Middle Eastern people: “sand n***ers”. Both candidates are moral trash heaps, it was just a matter of which heap we dumped America into

  4. It’s interesting to hear outher students opinions on the election

  5. In all honesty this election has made history, but not in a good way. Both candidates in my opinion did not deserve to win. Neither of them showed real good quality for a president. In the end it didn’t matter who won, it was a lose-lose senareio from the beginning.

  6. Robbie Phillips

    December 1, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    I also think this election was crazy and down to the wire and even today Hillary has the popular vote of about 2.3 million. But what happened, happened the choices were not great, not even good, but with the candidates it was simple you KNOW what Hillary would do since she supports Obama, and with Donald Trump you DON’T KNOW what he would do, but hopefully it is for the better.

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